30 Volunteers Needed for March 29 SMASH-B Health Fair!‏

Hello everybody! Hope you all are enjoying the more pleasant weather we’ve been having lately. It’s about that time of the month now for us to host our monthly Hepatitis-B clinic, and we need a lot of volunteers to help make it a success! On January 25th, we had about 60 participants come to our health fair for our free services, and we expect that there’ll be more this time around! On Sunday, March 29, 2015, we will have our next Hepatitis-B Clinic. This time, we will having blood drawing to test for Hepatitis-B along with Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure testing. Information on Hepatitis-B will also be presented as well as breast cancer and ovarian cancer by the Women’s Health Initiative. We need THIRTY (30) VOLUNTEERS to help us on this day! Volunteers will help with Registration, Education, Screening, and Evaluation. Breakdown of these tasks are listed below: Registration – making sure participants are signed in, all paperwork is filled out correctly and completely, line control, answering procedural questions. Education – pass microphones, answer basic (nonmedical) questions, line control, keep participants organized Screening – help participants fill out phlebotomy paperwork, help with taking blood pressure and blood glucose, answer basic nonmedical questions… (some participants may be nervous about getting their blood drawn. You can also be there to comfort them and keep them calm!) Evaluation – pass out evaluation forms, collect forms, collect feedback (if provided), hand out reminder cards, make sure participants do not leave with their folder (their folder will contain some pertinent medical history). Breakfast and lunch will also be provided! The location for the clinic is: Rockville Executive Building 101 Monroe Street Rockville, MD 20850 We ask volunteers to arrive by 8:30AM for brief training and informational sessions, as well as helping with set up and so you can eat breakfast! The clinic activities will open at 10AM and run til 1:00PM, and we will be cleaning up by 1:30PM. Again, lunch will be provided! You also do not have to stay the whole time – we appreciate any of your time! If you are interested, please email me with your contact information and what section you would prefer to work in, OR, fill out this form: http://goo.gl/forms/cx1vKhbnjc Feel free to contact me at kha-ai.tran@vnmap.org for any questions! All the best, Kha-Ai Tran ________________________________________________ Kha-Ai Tran Viet Nam Medical Assistant Program (VNMAP) SMASH-B Project Assistant Manager e-mail: kha-ai.tran@vnmap.org


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