Nguyen Phuoc Thien and Le Minh Quoc Trung are first two recipients of Ket Doan Association's "Save a Child" project

5/16/12 Overview of the program In January 2012, Ket Doan Association officially launched the Save a Child project. The purpose of this project is to provide financial support to impoverished children in Vietnam. Ket Doan Association and our partners will establish and maintain a year-long commitment to each individual. To ensure the dedicated resources are effectively utilized, the Association will require bi-monthly progress reports during the year long sponsorship. The sponsorship can be renewed on a yearly basis which is dependent on the progress and need of the child. Our goal is to build a successful program that will generate more funding in hopes of expanding our program to sponsor more individuals. Organization and children selection process Ket Doan Association sent out a proposal to several nonprofit organizations expressing our interest in the child sponsorship program. After receiving positive responses from the various organizations, we decided to partner with Love Across the Ocean (LATO). We decided to collaborate with LATO because their program was able to meet our requirements. Since then, LATO has provided us with a list of children, from age 6-18 along with their background information. We are pleased to announce the selection of two highly deserving children from the list. The selections were based on their financial and family situations as well as their exemplary status in school. Selection The Ket Doan Association’s “Save a Child” project is officially partnering with Love Across the Ocean (LATO) and have allowed us to sponsor two children from their LATO program. We are pleased to announce Nguyen Phuoc Thien and Le Minh Quoc Trung will be the first two recipients of the program. If you would like to follow the progress of Nguyen Phuoc and Le Minh Quoc Trung, please visit the Save a Child’s Facebook page ( We encourage everyone to post comments and click “like” on our page to bring more attention and support to our new program. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact our program coordinator, Thao Nguyen, at Thank you for your support. Ket Doan Association P.O. Box 316 Germantown, MD 20875 ]]>

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