Song Viet 2 (O.T. 3) – MD Kicks 2 in semifinal of Montgomery County Soccer League – Division I – Spring Season 2012

Excerpt from Song Viet Soccer Club Facebook We have been doing very well this semifinal. We came back to win it from behind 2 goals. Thanks for all your hard work 😉 This is a schedule for our final next Sunday. We have only one more game to be a champion. Please try your best to win it. Let ‘s go Song Viet. Semifinal results: Song Viet 2 (O.T. 3) – MD Kicks 2 Twilighters 2 – Independiente Santa Fe 0 PLAYOFFS FINAL, Sunday July 15th, 10:00am Song Viet v Twilighters [caption id="attachment_189" align="alignnone" width="960" caption="Song Viet Soccer Team"]Song Viet Soccer Team[/caption] Courtesy of Song Viet Soccer Team


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