VNMAP – Need Assessment Survey for Vietnamese Health Information Site

Dear everyone, My name is Hy Dang. I am currently a executive committee member of Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program (VNMAP), which was established in the attempt to provide the medical service and education for the Vietnamese American. At this moment, we are operating within the D.C area and planning to become one of the most well-known non-profit organizations, specializing in medical support and public health. By cooperating with other organizations such as VSA, US NAVY, KetDoan, and several other Vietnamese organization in D.C area, we have been successful in setting up some projects including Hepatitis SMART-B, VNMAP Fundraising Banquet, Medical Mission Trips in rural areas in Vietnam, etc. One of the main projects of VNMAP currently is the Vietnamese Health Information Site (VietHIS) with a purpose to provide our community with updated health information, health policy, and health education in Vietnamese using the Internet and social media. Specifically, we are planning to create a platform where people can interact and acquire the knowledge of medical issues in order to maintain their healthy lives. The whole project focuses on personal need of people living in the community for health and healthcare information, which is also the purpose of our “Need Assessment Survey for Vietnamese Health Information Site”. Kindly access the link below and answer 11 questions in the survey which are supposed to take you 5 minutes to finish. Please spread this survey out to your Vietnamese friends within your network in order to let us have some ideas about your needs in terms of health and healthcare issues. We would be grateful for any support you can give us. For further information about VietHIS project, please contact us via: For further information about VNMAP, please visit us at: Thank you for your time and participants Hy Dang Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program Activities Committee, Co-leader


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