Association of Vietnamese Americans, Inc. Hội Người Mỹ Gốc Việt Selected as “one of the best small charities in the Greater Washington Region” 8121 Georgia Avenue, Suite 503 Silver Spring, MD 20910 Phone: (301) 588-6862 Fax: (301) 576-4502 Web: www.mdvietmutual.org Email: info@mdvietmutual.org 2013 AVA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION About the Association of Vietnamese Americans: The Association of Vietnamese Americans (AVA), formerly known as Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Association (MVMA), was officially incorporated in 1982 to address the needs of refugees after the Vietnam War. It is the oldest Vietnamese American community based organization in Maryland. AVA is dedicated to advancing the Vietnamese American community in Maryland through direct services, advocacy, and education. Today AVA’s mission is to empower low-income families and seniors through direct services and referrals; advocate for social and economic equality by building awareness, capacity, and solidarity within the community; and unify multiple generations of Vietnamese Americans and the larger community. To continue the tradition of community advancement, AVA started a scholarship program in 2000 and organized the Annual Academic Awards Picnic to celebrate Vietnamese American students’ success. Scholarship applicants are invited to attend the 25th Annual Academic Awards Picnic on Sunday, June 9th at Bohrer Park, Pond Pavilion in Gaithersburg. AVA Scholarship Information: AVA scholarships are designed to help outstanding Vietnamese American students who lack the financial resources to achieve their educational goals. Many individuals, organizations and businesses have contributed generously to this financial assistance. One $1000 scholarship will be awarded to a well-deserving recipient this year. Qualifications: Any Vietnamese American graduating from high school and residing in Maryland who is planning to enroll as a first-year student at a college, university or vocational school in fall of 2013 may apply for the AVA Scholarship. The application form is attached and available on AVA’s website at www.mdvietmutual.org/scholarship2013. The scholarship recipient will be required to participate in at least one AVA event in the upcoming school year. Deadline: Students are asked to email in their completed scholarship application no later than 5PM on May 17th, 2013. An original signed application along with the COMPLETED checklist for the requested support information (i.e. official transcript, essay, and letters of recommendations) must be received by the due date. Scholarship winners will be notified by May 24, 2013. Mail package to: Association of Vietnamese Americans (AVA) Attn: Scholarship Committee 8121 Georgia Ave, Suite 503 Silver Spring, MD, 20910 Email: awardspicnic@mdvietmutual.org Scholarship recipient is required to attend the 25th Annual Academic Awards Picnic on Sunday, June 9th from 10am to 2pm at Bohrer Park, Pond Pavilion in Gaithersburg. Please note that pictures will be taken and posted on our web site. As such, we kindly ask that you come in business casual attire. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at awardspicnic@mdvietmutual.org or via phone at 301-588-6862. ASSOCIATION OF VIETNAMESE AMERICANS, INC. 2013 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM LAST NAME: ________________________ FIRST NAME: _________________________ MI: ________ STREET ADDRESS: ________________________________________________ APT #: ______________ CITY: _____________________________________ STATE: _________ ZIP: _______________________ EMAIL: _____________________________________________ FAX: _____________________________ HOME PHONE: _____________________________WORK/CELL: _______________________________ HIGH SCHOOL: _________________________________________________________________________ GRADUATION DATE: ____________ GPA: _____ COLLEGE’S NAME: _________________________ PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING WITH YOUR APPLICATION (All must be checked): _____ Completed scholarship application _____ Copy of financial aid form (FAFSA) _____ Copy of financial aid award letter from college/university/vocational school (if available) _____ Copy of SAT scores _____ Personal Essay (2 pages maximum) _____ Official high school transcript _____ Accepted letter from college/university/vocational school (if any) _____ 2 letters of recommendation (from teachers, community leaders, employers, etc.) PLEASE LIST ANY COMMUNITY SERVICE ACTIVITIES, VOLUNTEER WORK, LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE, ETC., IN WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN INVOLVED: STUDENT SIGNATURE: _______________________________________ DATE: ___________________ PERSONAL ESSAY: PLEASE WRITE A 500-650 WORD ESSAY THAT TOUCHES ON THE FOLLOWING THREE (3) POINTS. • HOW HAVE YOUR PAST AND PRESENT EXPERIENCES INSPIRED YOU TO PURSUE HIGHER EDUCATION? • HOW WILL YOUR ATTENDANCE TO UNIVERSITY/TRADE SCHOOL BETTER YOUR COMMUNITY? • IN WHAT WAYS WILL THIS SCHOLARSHIP ASSIST IN THE ACHEIVMENT OF YOUR GOALS?


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