New engageMontgomery Topics Posted On E-Books in Libraries and Metrorail Service; Residents Encouraged to Weigh In and Provide Feedback

Theo nguồn tin của Montgomery County Department of Economic Development For Immediate Release: 7/25/2013

Two new topics were posted this week on Montgomery County’s engageMontgomery website (, giving residents an opportunity to voice their opinions and share ideas about e-books and Metrorail service. The current questions up for discussion are: • Book publishers, by law, are allowed to either: 1) prevent our libraries from carrying certain e-books; or 2) charge five times more than the regular price of an e-book. This is why a lot of books are not available electronically in our libraries. What do you want to tell your federal legislators about this? • What would you do to improve Metrorail service and the Metrorail experience? The two discussion topics will remain on the site for the next month, and residents are encouraged to visit and weigh in often with their opinions and ideas. The engageMontgomery website is a social media platform that is part of the new open government efforts that were launched in December to enhance government transparency and accessibility. The engageMontgomery site serves as an informal online Town Hall Meeting. Users who sign up for an account are encouraged to express their ideas on key issues, as well as support the ideas that they like best from others. This provides elected officials, department heads and program managers with valuable feedback on issues that affect the community. Users gain points for signing up for an account, points for sharing good ideas, and even more points when others support their ideas. Points can be “cashed in” for various prizes. For access to additional information about the County’s open government efforts, go to the openMontgomery website at ( # # # Release ID: 13-226 Media Contact: Donna Bigler 240-777-6507


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