GNA/CNA Vietnamese Program: The Support Center-Rocville, MD

JOB POSTING: Looking for Vietnamese-speaking Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA)/Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program: The Support Center, Vietnamese Program Reports To: Health Manager (RN) FLSA Status: Exempt Job Summary: The Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA)/ Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) delivers high quality care to Participants in an Adult Medical Day Program. The position supports a frail adult population with varying physical, developmental, psychiatric and cognitive impairments under direct supervision of the Health Manager (RN.). Familiarity with the needs of Vietnamese seniors and disabled is critical. Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Efficiently measures and records important signs that incorporate respiration, body temperature, pulses, blood pressure and weight 2. Answer calls for help and observes changes in a Participant’s condition or behavior 3. Assist with meals and Participant nutritional needs (i.e., feeding) 4. Observes Privacy/HIPAA regulations along with direct Participant care functions 5. Ensures Participant safety at all times by properly assisting with walking, transferring, sitting and standing 6. Ensures Participant personal hygiene at all times (i.e., toileting, hand washing, etc.) 7. Assists Participants when receiving in-house services provided by Podiatrist and Physical Therapist 8. Maintains inventory of all medical supplies 9. Ensures rest area is maintained in a clean and orderly fashion at all times 10. Assists with facilitation of Program Activities as needed 11. Documents accurately and concisely 12. Consistently abides by COMAR regulations for AMDC 13. Serves as the medical lead in the absence of both the RN and LPN Skills and Abilities: 1) Ability to establish rapport and assist Participants with identifying his/her own needs 2) Interpersonal skills such as empathy and compassion 3) Time management skills, including the flexibility and ability to adjust to a fast paced environment 4) Competent knowledge about infectious disorders and elementary methodologies employed for infection control 5) Sound understanding about physiological issues, including common disorders and workings of body systems 6) Keen eye and quality observation skills for documenting Participant’s mental and physical health 7) Strong verbal, written, organizational skills Qualifications: Ability to speak Vietnamese fluently required. Knowledge of the local Vietnamese community. High School Diploma, Approved Maryland Board of Nursing Certified Nursing Assistance Course and active certification. Experience in either a medical day care, acute care, long-term care, or skilled rehabilitation setting, and/or experience in a medical practice. First Aid and CPR certified. This position description may be altered to comply with the needs of the Program. Contact: Joan Williams, 301-738-2250 ext 101 Email: Website:]]>

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