Activities Specialist Vietnamese Community: The Support Center-Rockville, MD

Description Assists in planning and implementing stimulating individual and group activities which meet the physical, mental, and social needs of the program participants, Develops activities which support individuals with physical and mental illness related to gaining in an adult medical day program setting and incumbent must have knowledge of the needs of seniors and disabled persons in the local Vietnamese community. Duties and Responsibilities 1 Develops and implements specialized activities which address participant’s level of functioning and abilities, both medically and psychiatrically. 2 Develops and implements culturally relevant activities for the Vietnamese population. 3 Answers calls for help and observes changes in a participant’s condition or behavior. 4 Assists with participant’s activities of daily living including toileting. 5 Ensures participant safety at all times by properly assisting with walking, transferring, sitting and standing. 6 Assists with meals and snack service. 7 Participates in activity planning meetings with Activities Manager and Program Assistants. 8 Attends and contributes to care plan meetings and general staff meetings. 9 Assists with retention of activities volunteers. 10 Documents accurately and concisely 11 Consistently abides by COMAR regulations for AMDC 12 Observes Privacy/HIPAA regulations along with direct participant care functions. 13 Other duties as assigned. Qualifications Ability to speak Vietnamese fluently required. High School Diploma required. BA/BS in Human Service and/or related work experience preferred. History of activities facilitation, working with adult populations with disabilities or special needs a plus. Additional certifications/trainings required (or provided during orientation, or shortly thereafter). Basic computer skills a must. Must be able to lift 50 pounds, stand, sit, stoop, bend at the waist and knees, and exhibit overall body flexibility. APPLY ONLINE To apply for this opening, please complete the following form and upload your cover letter and resume:]]>

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