Rockville’s Spring Leaf Collection is April 4-8

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Online Interactive Map Shows When Leaves Will Be Collected By Address Rockville, Md., March 31 – The city will vacuum leaves from neighborhood curbs from April 4–8 in five collection areas throughout Rockville. Residents should rake leaves into the gutter or immediately adjacent to the pavement if no curb or gutter exists. Leaves can be raked no earlier than one week before the scheduled collection day. This avoids the accumulation of leaves near and on the streets, which can lead to fire hazards or grass damage. To find out when your neighborhood collection will be, see the map on this page or use the interactive map at, which allows residents to input their address to learn when leaves will be collected in their neighborhood. DO: Place leaves at the curb by 6 a.m. on the collection dates. Sticks and all other objects must be removed from the leaf piles. DO NOT: Use plastic bags. Biodegradable paper lawn bags are acceptable. DO: Use alternatives methods for disposing of leaves such as mulching or composting. This saves collection and disposal costs. DO NOT: Dump leaves, grass clippings or other yard waste into storm drains, along stream banks or directly into streams. Although yard waste is biodegradable and may seem harmless, excess quantities can clog storm drains or cause blockages that contribute to localized flooding. Decomposing leaves can also release nutrients, stimulating algae blooms that lead to fish kills. After the collection dates, leaves may still be set out in paper lawn bags or 32-gallon trash cans with yard waste on your collection day. For more information on this and other refuse issues, visit # # # MEDIA CONTACT: Marylou Berg Director of Communication 240-314-8105]]>

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