8 chỗ đậu xe miễn phí mới cho 15 phút ở Town Center trong Thành phố Rockville

Theo tin Thành phố Rockville

Posted on: September 12, 2016 Park Free Downtown (but only for 15 Minutes, in the Assigned Spots) Rockville, Maryland, Sept. 1 — If you have a quick errand in downtown Rockville, say picking up takeout, you can use eight new, free 15-minute parking spaces recently installed in Town Center: four on Regal Row and two on each of Maryland Avenue and Gibbs Street. Look out for the new signs with the green “15 minute parking only” text. (Maryland Avenue and Gibbs Street also have three five-minute drop-off parking spaces, by the library and VisArts.) In addition to the eight free spaces, three new portable, directional signs have been placed downtown to help point visitors toward parking locations around Regal Row. The signs sit at Maryland Avenue/East Montgomery, Helen Heneghan Way and East Middle Lane. # # # MEDIA CONTACT: Marylou Berg Director of Communication 240-314-8105 mberg@rockvillemd.gov


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