Predicted High Temperatures Unsafe for Young Children, Vulnerable Adults and Animals

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For Immediate Release: Friday, June 9, 2017 The National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures in the low 90’s from Sunday, June 11 through Wednesday, June 14. Because of the long period of comfortable temperatures we have previously been experiencing, it is important to make note of protective measures that should be taken when temperatures rise. Adults and children are advised to stay hydrated and limit extreme activity during periods of high heat, residents are asked to check on elderly relatives and neighbors, pets should be provided with a shady space and plenty of fresh water. Never leave young children, the elderly, dogs and other pets inside a parked vehicle, even with the window open, because the temperature inside parked cars can reach 130 degrees in only a few minutes. The Montgomery County Police Animal Services Division wants to remind community members to be especially careful with all pets during times of increased heat. Animals that are outdoors must have access to shade, shelter, and plenty of fresh water. The Director of the Montgomery County Police Animal Services Division, Thomas Koenig, will be enforcing Executive Regulation 10-10AM, Anti-Cruelty Conditions for Dogs, Section 11-D, which states, “A person must not tether a dog under circumstances that endanger its health, safety, or well-being, including: unattended tethering of a dog during a weather emergency.” The penalty for this violation is a fine of $500. This regulation will be enforced whenever forecast temperatures could endanger the well-being of dogs. # # # Release ID: 17-439 Media Contact: Lucille Baur 240-777-6507]]>

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