Ride On Service Changes to Begin Sunday, September 17 – New Service, Route Eliminations & More

Theo tin Ride On trong quận Montgomery

Service Changes to Begin Sunday, September 17 – New Service, Route Eliminations & More! Starting Sunday, September 17, Ride On will implement service changes on select routes. There will be some new services, route eliminations and more. Below is a summary of the changes: These services will be eliminated because of poor performance – Routes 3, 93, 94 Each year, Ride On creates a performance indicator for each route and ranks them accordingly. The performance indicator compares the resources allocated to each route with the number of average daily riders. The routes that are being eliminated were the lowest performing in Ride On’s system. Alternatives for eliminated routes: Route 3 – multiple options along the route; no alternative along Dale Drive Route 93 – Routes 26 & 45 along Twinbrook Parkway; Route 10 along Parklawn Drive (no direct service to NIH however within walking distance of Twinbrook Metro Station) Route 94 – Route 75 to Germantown Transit Center and transfer to Routes 61 (to Metropolitan Grove MARC) or 97 (to Germantown MARC) Executive Connector – Route 5, 26 and 81 The Executive Connector combines three existing Ride On routes with specially timed service of every 10 minutes during rush hours. Buses operate along Executive Boulevard and East Jefferson Street between Old Georgetown and Montrose Roads going to White Flint or Twinbrook Metrorail Stations Route 81 The route will go along Old Georgetown Rd. instead of Marinelli Rd. Route 75 – Montgomery County Correctional Facility/Clarksburg/Outlets/Milestone Center/Germantown Transit Center New Saturday and Sunday service; added weekday service until 11:30 pm New routing – The route will serve Stringtown Rd. and Clarks Crossing Dr., now that Stringtown Rd construction is complete. The timetable dated September 17, 2017 will show the old routing. Route 55 Sunday service extended to Rockville. Service will depart from west side of Rockville Metro. Route 10 Ride On has adjusted the times on the route to provide a coordinated schedule with Metrobus C8 along Randolph Road Monday through Saturday. Route 34 and Route 46 at Medical Center Metro Route 34 southbound will remain on Rockville Pike. Route 34 northbound and Route 46 will move to Bay D. These routes will have either time changes so that the schedule reflects the actual travel time along the route or minor changes to the schedules: 1, 11, 21, 22, 26, 28, 33, 39, 46, 70, 73, 76, 81, 83, 96, 97, and 98


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