The 2017 Pacific Miss Asian Alliance Pageant

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng của Pacific Culture International

Pacific Cultural International Presents The 2017 Pacific Miss Asian Alliance Pageant Pacific Culture International (PCI) organizes, promotes, and supports diverse cultural activities throughout the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. PCI’s overall mission is to inspire unity and an exchange of ideas and traditions, and to promote intercultural understanding amongst diverse Asian and Asian-American cultures and communities. The Pacific Miss Asian American Beauty Pageant is the largest and most influential beauty pageant on the East Coast. Since its inception, the pageant has been dedicated to embracing Asian cultural heritage and encouraging cultural awareness and community pride. The 2017 Pacific Miss Asian American Pageant finale provides the perfect platform for young, beautiful Asian American women to display their amazing talents, leadership skills, confidence, intellect, and cultural pride on a public stage. Through their pageant endeavor, they not only work to advance further in the competition, as each of our contender’s experiences and training will help secure them a brighter future. In addition, our event helps foster community development, cultural exchange, business and economic opportunity, and tourism between the United States and Asian countries.



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