Observatory Park to Host Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Viewing Party

Catch a rare glimpse of a super moon lunar eclipse while observing the night sky at the Gaithersburg Latitude Observatory on Sunday, September 27 from 8 to 11 p.m. While the eclipse will be visible to the naked eye throughout the metropolitan region, visitors to the Observatory will be able to use shared telescopes for a unique perspective. Observatory Park is located at 100 DeSellum Avenue. Admission is free. During a total lunar eclipse, the sun, earth and moon form a straight line. The sun is behind the earth, so the sun’s light casts the earth’s shadow on the moon. This shadow covers the entire moon and causes a total lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse on September 27 coincides with a super moon, when the moon nears its closest point to earth in its orbit. A “super moon lunar eclipse” is quite rare. It has happened only five times since 1910. There will not be another lunar eclipse until 2018. Although the park will be dark, we ask that you please not bring a bright flashlight. Red light is less intrusive to other watchers. A limited supply of red cellophane will be available to cover any white light flashlights. Stargazing events at the Observatory are weather permitting. Last minute announcements will be posted on the Museum’s Facebook page. Some accessible parking for those with disability plates or placards is available by the park, with general parking in the St. Martin’s field at the corner of DeSellum Avenue and Route 355. Note that there are no restrooms available. For more information contact the Gaithersburg Community Museum


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